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hotel room bed with pillows and lamp What, exactly, is a hotel suite?  By definition, a suite is a hotel room that has both a sleeping space and a living space.  The most basic suites have a divider, such as a half-wall, between the bedroom and the living/dining area, while more elaborate suites have one-bedroom and two-bedroom configurations.  The living and dining area typically includes a mini-fridge, wet-bar, microwave, and coffee maker, as well as a dining table and a convertible sofa.  Larger suites might include a full kitchenette.

As hotel suites become more popular, planning and design of these suites becomes a major consideration.  It's important that suites are designed to meet consumer needs in a way that makes sense for the hotel's housekeeping and profitability requirements.

honeymoon suite with bottle of champagne Hotels that have a smaller percentage of suites often position them on the upper floors, sometimes on a "VIP" or "concierge" floor.  In other situations where the construction of the building warrants it, suites can be stacked vertically.  For example, suites may be stacked in areas in which elevators and stairways allow for additional room, or in places where the architecture of the building allows for the additional space that a suite requires.

Suites in all-suite hotels are typically placed along the exterior of the hotel, surrounding an atrium or other open space.  Bedrooms typically face the outside of the hotel for privacy and quiet, while living areas face the interior of the hotel.

While suites are larger than typical rooms, they generally only cost 20 percent more to construct.  The bathroom, bed, HVAC systems, and most of the furniture are the same as in a typical hotel room.  Additional expenses to build a suite are relatively minor; they include the expenses allocated to extra building materials such as carpet, walls, and floors, as well as those allocated to extra furniture and small appliances.

hotel suite bedroom with flowers The bedrooms in hotel suites tend to be slightly smaller than typical hotel rooms, because some furniture, such as desks and dining tables, is placed in the living and dining area.  Because most suites include a convertible sofa in the living room area, bedrooms typically have one king size bed instead of two full size or queen size beds.

Finally, one of the major considerations when it comes to the design of a suite is how to separate the living and dining areas.  Chains with smaller suites often erect half-walls or other small partitions to provide a minimal amount of privacy.  Larger extended stay hotels usually feature a full wall between sleeping and living areas, with single or double doors that provide the maximum amount of privacy when needed, but also allow for more open living when desired.

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